Gynecologic Aesthetics Update with Dr. Vitasna Ketglang

Gynecologic Aesthetics Update with Dr. Vitasna Ketglang

From far and near they come to Yanhee – women from all walks of life, creed, and color - each with a different gynecological history and problem to share with our physicians, each wanting to seek professional help in finding the best solutions.

Of the several popular cosmetic gynecological procedures available here at Yanhee Hospital, labiaplasty tops the list, with an average of 50 patients coming in per month, making up about for about 90% of aesthetic gynecology cases here, followed by vaginoplasty, hymenoplasty, clitoral hood surgery, and others, according to Dr. Vitasna Ketglang, one among the many of our obstetric- gynecologist surgeons, who has performed no less than 3,000 labigaplasties in her 13 years of practice in aesthetic gynecology.

When asked about the most common reasons why patients come for labiaplasty or other gynecologic aesthetic procedures, she comments that most patients usually come for functional disorders in the genital parts such as pain or irritation that may be caused by the aging process, heavy sexual practices, multiple vaginal deliveries, etc. Others come for aesthetic purposes (re-construction of deformed genital parts), many times to increase confidence and enhance satisfaction during sexual intercourse.

She also stated that these kinds of patients have progressively increased in number because they have confidence that this hospital respects and guards their rights, particularly in making the decision to have these optional and seemingly controversial surgeries, by keeping all medical information in full confidentiality, assured that all medical and surgical practices are performed according to strict compliance to specifications in the laws drafted by the Medical Society of Thailand.

Dr. Ketglang, as with the other surgeons here, updates her surgical prowess by attending conventions on the latest surgical principles and techniques. During the workshop on Advanced Cosmetic – Plastic Gynecology that she attended last January 26-29, 2012 held in Bay Medical Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, Dr. Adam Ostrznski, one of the speakers then, stressed that elective surgeries for both the labia majora and labia minora to be performed together on one patient, should instead be done separately, on two different procedures, if possible, to best avoid post-operative complications. This may seem to be a trivial issue but the implication is great – these surgeons discuss every detail of every procedure because nothing is to be considered unimportant nor trivial in any surgery, not even in labiaplasty.

Also, it may be good for interested clients to know, that currently, there has been an increased demand for genital piercing among a very select group, with a number too significant to ignore. Thus, this procedure has been added to the list of popular gynecological surgical procedures performed here at Yanhee International Hospital. Rest assured, the surgeons in this center update themselves with the latest techniques and procedures as dynamically as possible, to meet the varying demands of the growing clientele, at the same time maintaining quality standards in all services, to provide optimum customer satisfaction.

Dr. Vitasna also wants to remind interested clients to exhaust their minds in asking as many questions as can be thought of, discuss everything about the elective procedure with physician, family and spouse/partner, and be very sure above any shadow of doubt, that this is what the client wants, and that this will make a difference in her life, before finally making THE decision. She further remarked that the clients believe in the qualifications and integrity of their surgeons, and in the hospital mission that the surgeons stand for, more importantly than lowered cost or other promotional attractions.