Free Treatment for Acid - Burned Cambodian by Yanhee Hospital

Free Treatment for Acid - Burned Cambodian by Yanhee Hospital

     The space that Dr. Supot Sumritvanicha, CEO of Yanhee International Hospital leaves for charity work, as part of its mission, has always warmed the hearts of the people, and together with its excellent services and modern facilities, has kept them coming back for more, keeping this hospital at the top of the list of health providers and beauty hospitals here in Bangkok, Thailand.

     Mr. Vy Roeun, a 22-year old Cambodian gold factory worker in Bang Kruai , Nonthaburi Province, has been among the fortunate ones to have been provided  emergency treatment at this hospital on December 4. 2014, after sustaining serious acid burns on the face, neck and chest, causing blindness , distorting wounds on his face, and serious burns on the neck and chest , as a result of another crime of passion.

     Mr. Vy Roeun, left in a rush for home, to Cambodia, to visit his ailing mother, failing to say his goodbyes to Ms Duean, his girlfriend, leaving her furious and fearful that her boyfriend had deserted her.  When Mr. Roeun came back to report for work in Nonthaburi, Ms Duean paid him a surprise but unfriendly visit, injuring him by splashing acid on his face, neck and chest, causing serious injuries to him and some others who were in the vicinity when the crime was committed, Fortunately, the injuries sustained by those other people were minor and did not require intensive treatment.

     He was immediately brought to Yanhee International Hospital where emergency treatment was given. Mrs. Sunee, an aunt of the victim, sought assistance from Ms, Pavena Hongsakul, Chairman of the Pavena Foundation for Children and Women, who facilitated the patient’s acceptance as a charity patient of Yanhee International Hospital, after she had talked with Dr. Supot Sumritvanitcha, who approved the application.

     Dr. Sumritvanicha has announced that the patient has been given the initially required emergency  treatments by the doctors and medical staff at Yanhee Hospital,  and that the patient is out of danger but has to stay in the hospital and undergo further treatments such as daily wound dressing for his burns on the eyes ,face, neck and chest.  Long-term treatment includes surgical procedures such as in installing an artificial eye in place and skin grafting procedures to be performed on his neck and chest.

    From Dec. 4, 1014 – February 6, 2015 the hospital charges have amounted to 255,000.00 THB.  After the patient has been declared a charity patient of Yanhee International Hospital, all charges have also been declared free, including further treatments and procedures planned by his surgeons. He will continue to receive these treatments until full recuperation from his injuries has been reached.

   Aside from extending help to qualified charity patients, Yanhee International Hospital also conducts quarterly blood-letting procedures in cooperation with the Red Cross, an annual surgical mission for children with congenital cleft lips and palates, and actively supports and participates in emergency fund drives during natural calamities and accidents.