Check-Up Center

Additional check-up list  

  • Alpha-Feto Protein (AFP) - 500
  • Caricnoembryonic antigen (CEA) - 600
  • Cancer Antigen 125 (CA - 125) - 840
  • Prostate Surface Antigen (PSA) - 900
  • Cervical Cancer (Thin Prep) - 1,000
    • An addition of 800 THB is required for those in Program 2 - 4 who need to do thin prep plus HPV DNA (Cervista) detection test
  • Mammography - 3,000
  • Bone Densitometry (to detect Mineral Density) - 2,000
  • Echocardiography (Echo) - 2,800
  • Exercise Test (EST) - 1,000

Check-Up Center

Program 5, Complete Physical Examination

Package Price: 2, 500 THB (male), 2, 900 THB (female)

(Couples getting married; women planning to get pregnant) • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

  • Urine Analysis (U/A)
  • ABO Group Test, Rh factor
  • VDRL Test
  • Anti-HIV Test
  • HBsAG Test
  • HBsAB Test
  • Hemoglobin typing


  • Rubella lgG Test (for female only)

Over 5M cc in Blood-letting Project by Yanhee International Hospital

To date, Yanhee International Hospital has collected a total of 5,970,700 cc of blood this week, during its quarterly blood-letting program which the hospital started 8 years ago, as one of its major community projects to help those with hematologic problems and need blood transfusions, as disclosed by its CEO, Dr. Supot Sumritvanitcha.

This very “warm” activity done four times a year, in coordination with the Red Cross Society of Bangkok, Thailand and the Wachira Hospital, not only warms the body with blood for the sick, but their hearts as well.


Free Treatment for Acid - Burned Cambodian by Yanhee Hospital

     The space that Dr. Supot Sumritvanicha, CEO of Yanhee International Hospital leaves for charity work, as part of its mission, has always warmed the hearts of the people, and together with its excellent services and modern facilities, has kept them coming back for more, keeping this hospital at the top of the list of health providers and beauty hospitals here in Bangkok, Thailand.



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