Arm Lift

Arm Lift


Q1 : Will I be conscious during the procedure?

A1 : You will be asleep under general anesthesia.

Q2 : How long do I need to stay in Bangkok?

A2 : You need to stay for 1 night in the hospital, and will be asked to return for follow up after 7-10 days.

Q3 : How long will it take to recover?

A3 : Your arms will be swollen and bruised after surgery but will look and feel near normal in 2-3 weeks. Wound maturation will continue over 6-12 months.

Q4 : Will I have scars?
A4 : A linear scar spanning the length of the armpit to the elbow is the major drawback of brachioplasty. In most people, this fades away over time and will only be noticeable on closer look. People who experienced having keloids in the past must weigh the benefits of brachioplasty over the chances of forming large scars.

Q5 : Is the result permanent?

A5 : Significant fluctuations in weight will negate the results of surgery.

Q6 : What could go wrong?

A6 : Some risks of surgery include bleeding, adverse response to anesthesia, infection, delayed healing, nerve injury, keloid, and need for revision surgery.

Q7 : How do I prepare for surgery?

A7 : To avoid complications and reduce risk factors you need to stop smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, taking hormonal pills, herbal supplements, and medicines (other than those that your doctor allows you continue), at least two weeks before your schedule. People with diseases need surgical clearance from their medical specialist.