Butt Lift

Butt Lift

What is Butt Lift?

Butt lift surgery (gluteoplasty) raises and tightens the skin of the buttocks. Excess, undesirable skin is trimmed off while adjacent tissues are repositioned to produce a younger looking and appealing body curve. This surgery is not to be mistaken with a brazilian butt lift, which adds volume to the buttocks utilizing injections of the patient’s own fat to enhance projection and produce a lifting effect.

The disadvantage of a butt lift is that it might flatten out the buttocks excessively. In this situation, a butt lift can be accomplished along with buttocks augmentation.

Who Can Benefit From a Butt Lift

Butt lift surgery is generally carried out on individuals with a considerable amount of loose, dangling skin on the buttocks and back of the upper thighs. It could possibly enhance the appearance of cellulite. Its purpose is to restore the body to a much more normal shape after skin elasticity has been lost as a result of significant weight loss or the aging process.

While small amounts of fat could be removed along with your undesirable skin, a butt lift is not designed to get rid of large amounts of fat deposits. You need to be at or close to your ideal weight before thinking about a butt lift.

Who Is a Good Prospect for a Butt Lift

The ideal candidates for a butt lift are non-smokers who are normally in good health and maintain a steady weight, a healthy diet and lifestyle. Also, it is necessary for the patient to possess a positive outlook and expect realistic goals regarding results.

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