Chin Advancement & Chin Implant

Chin Advancement & Chin Implant


Doctor Name:  Dr. Suthat Koonnawarote
March 5, 2012
"I have been here once before for Breast Augmentation and Adam's Apple Shaving as suggested by a friend of mine. After a few months my results were amazing. So I figured I would come back once more. I am very satisfied with the care here amongst the staff. Everyone were welcoming and caring. There were always at least 1 to 2 nurses at a time to check up on me. They also had about 6 nurses after my operation and right before I was discharged from the hospital. I recommend Yanhee to everyone who's interested in plastic surgery because in my eyes, Yanhee is 5 star!"

Doctor Name:  Dr. Vitawat Angkatavanich
NJ, Australia
September 12, 2011
"I came to Bangkok to originally have Rhinoplasty but when I arrived and met the doctor, was informed by him that he didn't want to do the procedure as it wasn't my nose which was the issue. I was elated at his honesty, the time he took to explain why I felt my nose was a dominant feature and other less invasive ways to correct symmetry. I was so impressed that he simply didn't proceed with what the client wanted but rather did/recommend what was best for my face. The staff were incredible throughout my stay. I was also quitely surprised by how little the procedures hurt as it wasn't what I expected or had read about. The fact that Yanhee International Hospital specializes in cosmetic surgery means you are surrounded by many like-minded people meaning I felt less self-concious about getting the surgery and being seen. I would definitely recommend Bangkok and Yanhee for surgery."

Doctor Name:  Dr. Suthat Koonnawarote
NXC, Singapore
June 15, 2011
"Very good services from all the nurses at Level 10 and also from the other nurses who took care of me. Very caring, friendly and truly helpful. Very good and excellent surgery by Dr. Suthat as well. Very friendly and professional doctor. Good, clean room with nice view. Room service menu/food tasty, presentable and good."

Doctor Name:  Dr. Suthat Koonnawarote
KT, Australia
March 6, 2010
“This has been an excellent experience. Great service, attentive nurses, clean rooms and organized nurses’ station. My procedures went very well. I would highly recommend this hospital. Thank you.”