LASIK Procedure Steps

Before the procedure starts, your doctor will apply numbing eye drops to prevent any discomfort throughout the procedure. Your doctor may as well give you some medication to help you relax.

Your doctor will use an instrument called a lid speculum to keep your eyelids open while your eye is positioned under the laser.

The next step is to create a corneal flap using laser, see figure below.

Lasik Surgery Flap Creation

The doctor then lifts the flap back and apply the laser to gently reshape the cornea. See figure below.

Lasik Surgery Cornea Reshaping

The figure below shows a reshaped cornea.

Lasik Surgery Treated Cornea

The doctor then returns the corneal flap to its original position where it self-seals and acts as a natural bandage.

Lasik Surgery Returning the Corneal Flap

The figure below shows a comparison of the corneal shape before and after surgery.

Lasik Before Surgery

Lasik After Surgery