Male-to-Female Sex Reassignment Surgery

Male-to-Female Sex Reassignment Surgery


Doctor Name:  Dr. Greechart, Dr. Boonchu, Dr. Narucha, Dr. Usaree
HN, Japan
07 February 2013
Dear ALL with Nurse Station WARD 10AB, I thank you for your advice, support, assistance, and everything that you did for me during my stay for the past 2 weeks. You will always be in my heart. From now on, I would like to pursue my happiness with my parents, friends, and bridegroom, if any. I sometimes dream of having my own family with my husband. I would like to live a happy life that I can be proud of as a woman. I look forward to seeing you again in the near future. I love to come back on business and/or pleasure trip. Finally, please convey my best regards to Dr.Greechart, Dr.Boonchu, Dr.Narucha, and Dr. Usaree.

Doctor Name:  Dr. Greechart Pornsinsirisak
JM, United Kingdom
January 9, 2012
"May I take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the nurses and staff on Ward 10 AB for their help and kindness on getting me through this journey. Without them I couldn't have come through this. A very big THANK YOU."

Doctor Name:  Dr. Thawatchai Boonpattanapong
TB, New Zealand
July 6, 2011
"It has beena real experience for me. The nurses and doctors here are very helpful, even with the language barrier it was still informative and understanding. My surgery was not as bad as I expeted with pain and other things but I was made comfortable as much as possible. I am happy with my result and am thinking of coming back for other procedures. I do recommend Yanhee to others as my experience has been great especially with the staff. Thank you so much especially to nurses Jean and Dana. It has been a pleasure meeting you ladies. Take care and I'll see you next time."

Doctor Name:  Dr. Greechart Pornsinsirisak
JK, Canada
June 6, 2011
"Well from the day of admission to discharge I always knew I was in good hands. The nurses attended to my every need and I faced virtually no pain since the operation. I am satisfied by the results and also found quite surprising what one hospital could amount to, being a total health care center. Yanhee Hospital is an upstanding example of modern medical care and it deserves the accolades and future developments it gets."

Doctor Name:  Dr. Thawatchai Boonpadhanapong
MM, Chicago, USA
26 April 2010
"I am very happy with my operation. The doctor and the staff are very kind; they take care of people well. I will come back here. God bless everyone."