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Dr. Supot SumritvanitchaIn 1984, a year after our graduation from medical school, I and my closest doctor friends opened a small out-patient clinic we called the Yanhee Polyclinic. We named it after the nearby Yanhee electric power station as an easy reference point for directions.


Facial Feminization Surgery

A combination of several surgical procedures to create a passable feminine appearance especially desirable for male-to-female transgenders.

NOTE: The doctor will recommend which of the procedures below would achieve a more feminine look. Front and side view pictures of the whole face are required for surgeon's evaluation.

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery is the perfect gift an MTF Transgender can have to uncover the ultimate womanish version of herself!

It’s a series of procedures that syncs the person “inside” with who we are “outside”.

As the face is always noticed first, FFS will increase the probability that you will be perceived as female by others, especially yourself! This is the final step in the full transition of the individual.

But wait!


Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sexual Reassignment Surgery is the Perfect Solution If You Have Been
Diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria!

In simple terms Gender dysphoria (formerly known as Gender Identity Disorder) is an intense, persistent feeling in which males not just wish to be females, but they as well strongly hate being males.

Males with gender dysphoria display an interest in activities that are generally for females like dressing up in girl's clothes and with a deep interest in cosmetics, in jewelry and in doll play.


Dr. Ravivan Wongwanwatana


Dental Treatments


Thai, English

Special Training

2014 Certificate in Orthodontic Education, USA
2013 Advanced Programs in Orthodontics for International Dentists, USA
2013 Certificate of Completion the Invisalign University Training, USA
2012 Advanced Programs in Oral Surgery for International Dentists, USA
2011 Comprehensive Orthodontics for the Family and Pediatric Dentist – Howard D. Friedman, USA


Member of Thailand Dental Association



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