Hair Removal

Hair Removal


Q1 : Will the procedure hurt?

A1 : Topical anesthesia is applied on the skin and allowed to take effect for about an hour before starting hair removal. This effectively keeps you from feeling pain.

Q2 : What do I need to do after treatment?

A2 : Apply cold compress during the first 24 hours. Avoid sun exposure. Do not use deodorant, or medicinal creams or anything except water to clean the area for two days. Gently pat dry after washing. Avoid rubbing the area for a week.

Q3 : What are the risks?

A3 : You may have redness and some swelling after the procedure but this is expected to subside in a few days. Laser can lead to burns on the skin and darkening of skin color which could take weeks or months to heal. Rarely, injury to melanocytes could lead to permanent skin lightening.

Q4 : How do I prepare for permanent hair removal?

A4 : Have your skin evaluated by our experts and get advice on the method most appropriate for you.