Eyelid Lift


Q1 : Will I be asleep during the surgery?

A1 : Local anesthesia with sedation will be used to eliminate pain and reduce anxiety. However, you will not be put to sleep because the surgeon will need you to move your eyes from time to time while the surgery is going on.

Q2 : How long will I be in the operating room?

A2 : Blepharoplasty lasts 1-2 hours depending on the severity of the problem.

Q3 : How many days should I stay in the hospital?


Chin Advancement & Chin Implant


Q1 : Can I have chin liposuction with genioplasty?

A1 : Our experts will make a pre-surgical assessment to determine whether this combination is good for you or not.

Q2 : What is the recovery time?

A2 : Pain and swelling will gradually diminish over 1-2 weeks for chin implant and up to 3 weeks in chin advancement surgery.

Q3 : Will the scars be obvious?


Cheekbone Reduction


Q1 : Will I be asleep during surgery?

A1 : You will be asleep under general anesthesia and unable to feel pain during surgery.

Q2 : What adjustments do I have to face after surgery?

A2 : It will hurt to open your mouth so you will be on a soft diet for a few days. Facial expressions will be limited temporarily for the same reason. As your incisions heal, regular food will slowly be allowed under your doctor’s supervision and you will be able to smile or frown with less pain.


Cheek Implants

Q1 : What will be my condition after surgery?

A1 : Your doctor will give instructions for care, dietary restrictions as well as limitation in activities. There may be a temporary limitation in movement of the mouth and lips. Discomfort and swelling will vary from patient to patient and will be more severe if another cosmetic procedure has been done together with it.

Q2 : How long do I have to be in the hospital?



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