Tummy Tuck

What Is A Tummy Tuck?

Considering having a tummy tuck in Thailand? A tummy tuck or an abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the middle and lower abdomen for the purpose of tightening the wall muscles ultimately enhancing the appearance of the abdominal section of the body.

Now, you can tuck your tummy, get rid of unsightly belly fat, and trim your flabby and hanging waistline at very affordable prices at Yanhee International Hospital!


Male Breast Reduction

What is Male Breast Reduction?

Male breast reduction surgery is undertaken to resolve enlargement of the male breasts due to excessive fat, enlarged mammary glands or a combination of these factors.  Depending on the primary cause, either or both of the following procedures will be of benefit to the patient.

Breast Fat Liposuction



What is Liposuction?

Liposuction in Thailand has helped many people slim and reshape specific parts of their body!

This is a cosmetic procedure that can help sculpt the body by targeting your troubled spots to create a slimmer, more proportional shape. It attacks the fat you thought you could never lose.

    In just a few hours, this procedure can permanently remove fat to smooth out unsightly bulges.


    Breast Lift

    What is Breast Lift Surgery?

    Breast lift surgery in Thailand, or mastopexy is an aesthetic procedure that aims to raise and reshape sagging or dropping breasts by trimming off excess skin and compacting surrounding tissues.

    Now you can reward yourself with a stunning, new looking pair of breasts that will act natural and move and "jiggle" exactly like normal!


    Voice Change Surgery

    What is Voice Change Surgery?

    The medical term for voice change surgery is Laryngoplasty, a term that refers to procedures that are designed to transform the voice box (larynx) as a way to change or improve the voice.

    In case of Feminization Laryngoplasty where the goal is to raise the comfortable speaking pitch, the male voice box is made smaller and the vocal cords shorter.


    Nose Reshaping

    What is Nose Reshaping?

    Reduction Rhinoplasty

    The nasal bone and cartilage may be sculpted to improve shape and let the nose blend harmoniously with the other facial features.  The operative technique aims to enhance beauty while leaving very minimal or no scars at all.


    Nose Implant

    A Nose Implant Can Fix Your Flat Nose!

    Because the nose is regarded as the defining feature of the face, even a slight modification can greatly improve your appearance.

    Your nose is easily the most noticeable part of the midface and dictates the balance between the upper and lower face.

    A well balanced nose can enhance the eyes and mouth, instead of overshadowing them.

    Nose implant Surgery or Augmentation Rhinoplasty is undoubtedly the top cosmetic procedure that can bring aesthetic harmony and balance to the face.


    Mandibular Angle Reduction

    What is Mandibular Angle Reduction?


    A square jaw can be a plus factor for both men and women. In men, it can enhance the masculine features, while in women it can give an impression of strength and confidence.  In some, however, the jaw can be disproportionately wide as compared to the rest of the face. This is one reason for aesthetic Mandible Angle Reduction. People who wish to soften their face with a more feminine jaw-line favor this procedure.



    Considering a Facelift in Thailand? Take your facelift to the highest level and reduce the signs of aging with a facelift procedure at Yanhee International Hospital from our highly trained and skilled surgeons!


    Eyelid Lift

    What is Eyelid Lift?


    Upper Blepharoplasty

    Upper Blepharoplasty is surgery done to remove loose, sagging skin and fat on the upper eyelids. The aesthetic goal of this surgery is a fresher, less tired look with brighter-looking eyes. It can also eliminate visual disturbances that sometimes occur when lids partially droop over the lashes.

    The double eyelid creation is a special kind of Upper Blepharoplasty favored by chinky-eyed Asians who wish to have the upper lid crease that most people have.



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