Somnoplasty (Snoring treatment)

Somnoplasty (Snoring treatment)

The Procedure

Before the actual procedure, your doctor will give you an oral spray to begin anesthetizing the throat area. After the throat is anesthetized to a certain extent, your doctor will give about 3 small injections in the roof of the mouth.

The majority of patients find that the process of anesthetizing the throat to be of only little discomfort.

You will be sited upright and fully awake during the procedure. Your doctor will describe the procedure and demonstrate the equipment.

The somnus device, which is attached to a radiofrequency generator, is place into the mouth. A small electrode situated at the tip of the device is inserted into the soft palate. Radiofrequency is administered through the electrode. Some parts of the electrode are insulated to protect the delicate surface of the tissue. See figure below.

Somnoplasty, snoring Treatment Procedure

By way of a regulated delivery of radiofrequency energy, the tissue is heated in a restricted area around the electrode. The majority of individuals find the treatment to be unexpectedly comfortable.