Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement

How Your New Hip Is Different

You will feel a certain amount of numbness in the skin around the incision. You will also feel some stiffness, specially with excessive bending. These issues usually disappear with time and almost all patients find these are small in contrast to the pain and restricted functionality they experience before the surgery.

Your new hip can potentially activate metal detectors necessary for security in airports and some buildings. Inform the security agent about your hip replacement if the alarm is triggered. You can request for a card confirming you have an artificial hip from your surgeon.

Safeguarding Your New Hip

There are several things to do to safeguard your hip replacement and prolong the life of your hip implant.

  • Become involve in a regular light exercise program to promote adequate strength and mobility of your new hip.
  • Have in place specific precaution measures to prevent falls and injuries. If a bone is broken in your leg, you may need more surgery.
  • See your surgeon regularly for follow-up exams and x-rays even if replacement appears to be doing fine.

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