Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement


Recovery times vary from patient to patient depending on the individual’s health and the type of surgery. It is best to comply with the instructions given by your surgeon regarding knee care after the procedure.

After the surgery, your nurse will take care of you in your room specially managing your pain and following your surgeon’s orders.

There will be a significant amount of dressing on your knee to protect your wound. Drains will be positioned at the surgical site to help empty excess fluid inside the wound.

Your wound dressing is routinely checked and changed by or your surgeon and/or nurse.

Within 24 to 48 hours after the surgery, nurses will help you stand up and walk. Walking with a frame or crutches is a good idea.

Most patients can walk unassisted with sticks after nearly a week but this could vary based on the individual’s will power and ability to heal.

During your hospital stay, a physical therapist will explain to you some exercises to improve knee strength and stability. These can begin the day after surgery. Following these important instructions is the first step to avoid complications or dislocation of your new joint.

Swelling of your legs and feet, discomfort while walking and exercising are normal during the start of your recovery. It will help to lessen the swelling by keeping your leg raised. This will also help improve circulation.

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