Nd YAG Laser

Nd YAG Laser

What is the Nd YAG Laser Treatment all about?

The NdYAG Laser is an optically pumped solid-state laser than can produce very high power emissions, as a result of its lasing medium operating as a four-level system.

YAG is an acronym for Ytrium Aluminum Garnet, a synthetic crystal which became popular in the form of laser crystals in the 1960’s.

YAG is a host medium with favorable properties, particularly for high-power lasers and Q-switched lasers emitting at 1064 and 532nm.

What are the indications for  treatment with Nd YAG laser?

  1. Tattoo removal
  2. Birth mark removal such as nevus of Ota, “café-au-lait” macules
  3. Freckles, nevus of Hori
  4. Lentigines
  5. Removal of lip color tattoo and Lip Hyperpigmentation

The Procedure:

  1. Local anesthesia is applied on the treated area.
  2. Laser light is targeted on the treated area.
  3. Duration of treatment will vary from 5 minutes to hours, depending on the area treated.

What are the complications of this treatment?

Black scabs, bruises or redness are expected after this treatment but are noted to disappear in a week’s time.

Instructions for patients after going through the Nd YAG Laser treatment:

  1. The treated area should be kept dry at least within the first 24-72 hours after the laser treatment.
  2. The prescribed antibiotic ointment should be applied on the treated area for 5-7 days.
  3. No make-up should be applied on the face for 5-7 days.